energy saving
Up to 28% energy saving
without heat loss
No condensation
or mold formation
Pleasant room temperature
through healthy radiant heat
Aesthetic character with
minimum space requirement
Quick and easy installation

EcoKlima, the efficient heating system of the future

Welcome to Eco Klima™, your partner for alternative heating systems. With our skirting heating we offer you healthy, intelligent and above all, efficient technology for heating residential and commercial premises or public buildings. As a modern and energy-saving heating technology, skirting heating panels ensure not only a pleasant room climate, but also save on heating costs.

In addition to enormous energy saving potential, Eco Klima™  skirting heating offers cost savings  in terms of lower running costs and the benefits of a healthly, comfortable living environment.

No Ordinary Skirting Heater!

Eco-Klima, the Skirting Heating for Special Situations:

* Offices * Conference Centres * Historic Buildings * Stately Homes * Museums * Art Galleries * Nursing Homes * Schools * Churches * Kindergartens * Loft Living * Indoor Sports Centres  * Large rooms with high ceilings * Big old houses * Warehouse conversions * Houseboats * Ultra Modern *

… in fact almost anywhere except your average 3-bed semi.

Find out how we can solve your special requirement. Contact us now!

Our electric skirting heating

Hydraulic skirting heating (wet)
Electric skirting heating ( "Plug and play")